Use of Patient Information

The data protection act 1998 requires that patient be informed, in general terms, how their information may be used, who will have access to it and the organisations it may be disclosed to. As a patient you will have the authority to withhold consent for your information to be shared with a third party except in certain circumstances (ask for details). Plumstead Health Centre is committed to the delivery of a first class confidential service. This means ensuring that all patient information is protected and processed correctly. Patient information is held under legal and ethical obligations of confidentiality. Patient information is stored in GP records, and it is also stored electronically on our computer system.

Staff members will carry out their duties while adhering to guidance from:

  • Caldicott Principles
    This outlines the conditions of how and when confidential patient information should be stored, used, and passed on to another person, department or organisation.
  • Confidentiality: NHS Code of Practice
    This document focuses on confidentiality and patients’ consent to the use of their health records.

Practice information can also be accessed on the website.

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Temple Pharmacy Ltd Royal Arsenal Psychological Services Dr Anindita Sarkar
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